2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Choosing a guitar teacher – the Quote of the Month – Great Albums Feedback

  1. There is no difference in naerling how to play an acoustic guitar and an electric. In fact, it’s better for you if you learn to play on an acoustic FIRST. Then playing on an electric will be cake for you. Also, when I first started playing guitar 8yrs ago I tried to do it myself with books and all. And yeah, they helped. But to get really good and get a better grasp on theory and scales it’s best to find somebody that knows how to play and just ask around to see which of them will give you weekly lessons. This way, if you’re doing something wrong, they can tell you. With a do-it-yourself approach you won’t know if you’re doing something wrong. If you have ANY kind of music store around you, I would be willing to bet money that somebody there will know somebody that is willing to make a little cash on the side by teaching somebody to play the guitar.

  2. Posted on May 13, 2011 at 2:17 amThank you Mr Brown for helping me with my dad prebom I always found it sad that he tries to hurt me and he never listened to me and my mom never. Now that someone else but my mom and my step dad know they can help me. I hope who ever the princeble tells what my dad does, Really doeas somthing to change him longer then 5 months ( Thats how long he wasent beatting me up after I tried to make him stop ) so again I thank you. Hopefully my dad listens to who ever tells him to stop PS: Sydney was here

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