Episode 132 – Tele Build Parts Guitar

So here’s the real episode about doing a Tele Build or a Strat Build for that matter. Telecasters and Stratocasters are great guitars to mix and match and customize. This show is all about building your own parts guitar, just the way you want.

Listen and enjoy!


Other shows I’ve done about parts guitars…

Episode 131 – Tele Building, Improvements to your Les Paul

stringinI got an email asking about building a parts Telecaster. Before that I talk a bit about pedalboard signal chain as in where the wah goes in the chain. Before or after… (after). Also, I am stringing up my Les Paul slightly different. ALSO… I talk about other ways to make your guitar play and maybe sound better.

Enjoy the show!

By the way, iTunes seems to have a problem with the month of September. Scroll down near the bottom of the list to find this episode on iTunes if it doesn’t show up at the top.

Episode 119 – Questions and Listener Feedback

Yep, more questions and feedback! Take a listen!

  • Ryans custom made Telecaster
  • Pricing hand made guitars
  • Brand value
  • Starting up a podcast or blog