Episode 140 – Guitar Podcast Listener Feedback Show

These are some of my favorite shows to doG&L Guitars - Episode 140 - Guitar Podcast Listener Feedback Show

I love listener feedback¬†shows because I never know where they will take me. I get a question or comment from a listener and I think I know what I’m going to say for the most part but sometimes something comes out I didn’t expect. I like these shows too because I know it’s what you guys are wanting to hear about!

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Episode 126 – Listener Feedback – pickups, overdrives, fender amps

We have some great listener feedback on the show! Keep it coming!

  • Super cool way a guitar shop sets customers up to tryout multiple pickups fast and easy!
  • Overdrives and such for the Fender amp – specifically the deluxe reverb.
  • Artist Works – online video lessons from guitarists such as Paul Gilbert! Tip jar…
  • Other podcast stuff…

Hope you enjoy this weeks show! Listen to it NOW! (or maybe later…)