Episode 104 – Yngwie Malmsteen

3747acff553fece8ac71301732d92f8cYngwie was on the cover of a recent Guitar Player magazine and it was a great article. So after reading it I felt I had to share my opinions on the man, the myth, the legend that is Yngwie J. Malmsteen. I hope you enjoy the show and my opinions on the his guitar playing. I’ve been a big fan of “Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4” and especially “Black Star” which you can see the video below.

Enjoy and listen for crying out loud!

Episode 83 – All Over The Place

This week I’m all over the place folks. I’m digging the love for Judas Priest by Honda’s marketing dept! You can listen by clicking this thing called a hyperlink!

  • A little talk about coated strings.
  • The special moment when an instrument speaks to you and you know it’s THE instrument for you!
  • Developing your ear for tone.
  • Auto rant
  • Lots a talk about the Steve Vai interview in Vintage Guitar Magazine
  • Rant in defense of myself and potentially other guitar related podcasts and attempting to clear up a potential misunderstanding

Episode 47: Ryan Dunn of ToadWorks USA Effects Pedals

This week I got to talk with Ryan Dunn of ToadWorks USA Effects Pedals. This was my first Skype interview so the audio fluctuates from time to time so it was a learning experience! Ryan provides a lot of insight into how and why he got started making and selling pedals as well as the future of ToadWorks.

Here are some key websites – one of which of course is the ToadWorks website, but a few others Ryan wanted to share! I hope you all enjoy this, I sure did!

Listen to the episode!