Episode 125 – Furthering Guitar on the Cheap

This topic popped into my head at work today and I didn’t want to wait to talk about it so the audio quality is that of my mobile podcasting studio! (yeah! or boo!) Anyway I outline a few ways to improve your tone, furthering your guitar stuff on the cheap which includes furthering your skills.

Listen up and enjoy! Oh, remember to trust your ear!

Episode 122 – Muscle Shoals, Upcoming Concerts and other stuff

swampersThis week I do a short show and review of the DVD/Blue Ray Muscle Shoals – about the small recording studio in Alabama where tons of all time classic tunes were recorded.

Also a short talk about upcoming concerts I hope to go to.  I close the show talking about mentors and old people.

Have a listen and enjoy!

Episode 119 – Questions and Listener Feedback

Yep, more questions and feedback! Take a listen!

  • Ryans custom made Telecaster
  • Pricing hand made guitars
  • Brand value
  • Starting up a podcast or blog