2 thoughts on “Episode 41: New or Used Gibson SG

  1. Thanks again Loren for featuring my question on the podcast. I had never heard of a Tar Back or T-Top Humbucker. I’m glad you mentioned them being neck heavy. A friend of mine had a ’72 SG that I would play in guitar class in 1980…when you’re a kid you don’t notice things like that as long it looks cool. Now that I am older (and wider) guitar position really makes a difference. I had a new PRS Mira that was very light and because of the weight and the body shape, the neck wanted to pivot towards the ground. I traded it for the boutique Tele I just sold. I sold the Tele because I wanted a short scale guitar with a humbucker….not sure if the SG will be the right fit, but it will be a Gibson or Heritage that I choose.

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