1951 Gibson GA-20 Rehabilitation

I just created two videos illustrating the depth of despair the amp was in and the effort required to bring it back to life and keep it’s mojo. Big thanks to Bobby Getchel at Getchel Amplification who recapped and wired the amp. It also needed a new output transformer. Check out the videos below and see how this 1951 Gibson GA-20 Rehabilitation¬†came back to life!

Episode 84 – Old Cheap Guitars

This time around I talk a bit more about the Steve Vai interview in the latest Vintage Guitar magazine – modded & hot-rod guitars – Ibanez Jem guitars & Old guitars. Listen up!

  • Story about the guy I grew up playing guitar with and how he got really good over one summer.
  • Old cheap guitars that just talk to you and make you buy & love them
  • Identify slot head guitars date – pre 1926 or post 1926
tuning pegs on a 30's acoustic guitar, post 1926

This guitar was made after 1926 – see that the tuning peg post is above the gear. Pre 1926 slot head guitars have the gear above the post.

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