Episode 151 – Hot Rod Tele to Les Paul Fever

Hot Rod Tele to Les Paul Fever

I’ve acquired some gear over the last year from Japanese and American guitars to boutique amps which led me

back to my first love, the Les Paul guitar.

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1951 Gibson GA-20 Rehabilitation

I just created two videos illustrating the depth of despair the amp was in and the effort required to bring it back to life and keep it’s mojo. Big thanks to Bobby Getchel at Getchel Amplification who recapped and wired the amp. It also needed a new output transformer. Check out the videos below and see how this 1951 Gibson GA-20 Rehabilitation¬†came back to life!

Episode 57: Import Budget Guitar

I found this cheap import guitar at the used shop and am amazed at the level of quality and playability of the guitar. I’ve been looking for a shredder, metal, wild, pyrotechnic type guitar to play around with and pretend I’m Eddie or George. I’ll update you all next week with what I find out and decide on pickups.

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