Episode 44 – ABY Pedals

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This week I got an email asking about ABY pedals. Should you pay for a decent $100+ pedal or buy parts and build one yourself? I am going to reference tone guru Joe Bonamassa’s pedalboard to drive home a point.

Here is a diagram of his signal chain. Note that they list a Morely ABC Switch.

Here is a photo of his actual board. Note that he sports a $300+ Lehle ABC pedal.

Here is one that is much more affordable at $150.


Here is a list of Pedal Parts companies online. (not radio shack)

Episode 43 – Class A vs. Class AB Circuitry

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Alright folks. I’ve heard enough about class A and class AB and how class A is so much better than class AB. I’ve had plenty of conversations, people ask me about class A and so on that it’s high time I did an episode on class A circuitry.

Some background must be covered to really get a better understanding of what is going on in the amp and where this classification is derived.

Great book on amps! The Guitar Amp Handbook – Dave Hunter
Intro music by Greg Frazee