Episode 125 – Furthering Guitar on the Cheap

This topic popped into my head at work today and I didn’t want to wait to talk about it so the audio quality is that of my mobile podcasting studio! (yeah! or boo!) Anyway I outline a few ways to improve your tone, furthering your guitar stuff on the cheap which includes furthering your skills.

Listen up and enjoy! Oh, remember to trust your ear!

Episode 120 – Tubes Revisited 6V6 and 5879

Tubes Revisited 6V6 and 5879

This week we revisit tubes, primarily the 6V6 power tube and 5879 preamp tube. I have loved my 1956 Gibson GA-40 amp and investigating my Getchel Chicago Deluxe amp helps me understand why I love them both! Enjoy the show!

  • Re-Axe products – Strings Out guitar holder and picks
  • Do you want to hear me go down the rabbit hole of pedal steel guitars