Episode 151 – Hot Rod Tele to Les Paul Fever

Hot Rod Tele to Les Paul Fever

I’ve acquired some gear over the last year from Japanese and American guitars to boutique amps which led me

back to my first love, the Les Paul guitar.

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Episode 139 – Adam Bath of Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickup

Elysian Guitars & PickupsInterview with Adam Bath of Elysian Guitars & Tuned Aperture Pickup


Adam tells us all about how he started, what’s going on with his company and his new pickup design; the “Tuned Aperture Pickup.” It’s a nice talk and you’ll get a good bit of information about the cool new design of his pickups. Check out his website and kickstarter.

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Episode 47: Ryan Dunn of ToadWorks USA Effects Pedals

This week I got to talk with Ryan Dunn of ToadWorks USA Effects Pedals. This was my first Skype interview so the audio fluctuates from time to time so it was a learning experience! Ryan provides a lot of insight into how and why he got started making and selling pedals as well as the future of ToadWorks.

Here are some key websites – one of which of course is the ToadWorks website, but a few others Ryan wanted to share! I hope you all enjoy this, I sure did!

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