Episode 74 – Listener Feedback, Taylor Guitars, Cigar Box Guitars

This time I once again talk about all kinds of different things – two gaffs on the last episode and some cool info from my reading and listener questions. Check it out!

  • Darth Vader voice on Episode 73
  • My mistake on PRS tone system description
  • Ask Bob (Taylor) questions in the Spring 2012 Wood & Steel
  • Cool things you can do with your acoustic guitar that are out of the ordinary
  • Ventura Acoustic guitars – what’s the story there?
  • http://www.venturasoundideas.com/
  • http://www.catoosatrading.com/ventura_guitar.html
  • Cigar Box Guitars! See the photo gallery below!
  • iTunes feedback

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Episode 72 – Beatles Wrap Up, Taylor & the Lacy Act

This week I wrap up talking about The Beatles Anthology and start rambling on about a bunch of other stuff. Listen in, you might find something you like! Here’s some of the crap I talk about this time around.

  • Why are there ads for iTunes and Sam Ash on the site? What’s that all about?
  • Wrapping up The Beatles Anthology
  • Am I a cork sniffer?
  • Insights from Taylor regarding wood and the Lacy Act
  • Taylor Road Show!
  • Should we have Guitar Podcast Tee-Shirts?

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