Episode 27: Scales & Improvisation

Episode 27: Scales & Improvisation

Rick emails me:
“I know some scales, and can play those scales in the key. I can only improvise using those scales. Vocabulary is limited to those scales I know.

knowing how to use the scales I know well, and learning how to incorporate new scales would be a big help to me. A lot of mid-range guitarists can use help with.

I can memorize new scales, but not sure what to do with them so I fall back on the tried and true. So what one person would call style, I would call boring!”

Scales are the overall map. Licks get you where you want to go…

  • Sweet Child O Mine
  • November Rain (I hate to subject you to Vevo Ads, but this was the best video I could find)
  • Comfortably Numb – perhaps the best example of a solo being a perfect fit for a song & David Gilmore being very melodic. A very soothing solo. A great solo to learn.

By the way, I would not suggest playing G minor pentatonic over G7.