Episode 70 – The Telecaster and Developing Your Ear

This week I continue jacking my jaw about the five core guitars. This time it’s about the Telecaster!  Check out the video below where I play a Telecaster and review the Glendale Guitar brass replacement saddles. Listen to it!

I talk a little about developing your ear, so you can trust your ear. You gotta be able to trust your ear.

  • Think about the chords and notes you hear in the music you listen to
  • Are any of the notes you hear open notes?
  • What kind of guitar might the player be using?
  • What amp?
  • Pedal?
  • Which pickup? Neck? Bridge?

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Episode 69 – Gibson Les Paul & The Beatles Anthology Disk 1

If you can’t spend the time to read the post and can’t wait to listen, CLICK IT! 🙂

Episode 69 is a mobile podcast. Mmmmobile! Anyway, here is the first installment of where I dive into each individual foundational guitars; Les Paul, Telecaster, Stratocaster, Semi-Hollowbody & Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar. Variety is the spice of life!

Of course, I start with my favorite and the one that I’m most intimate with. The Les Paul. Love it!

I also get to talk about a music movie review. As folks have asked for in the past, more recommended music related movies and reviews. So I have to tell you about Disk 1 of the Beatles Anthology.
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Episode 68 – Listener Feedback… Yes more…

Honestly I love it! You all drive this show! I got a follow-up email about a hum on two different pedal boards with two completely different issues! It’s never one thing. A chat with a new friend from down under whom you will recognize as an old friend. More talk about lessons and teaching. Yep, you can listen to it now…