Episode 79 – Listener Questions and Feedback

This week we talk about the following things below in the bulleted list. If you don’t want to read, just go listen to the show!

  • capacitors
  • how to support the podcast (hint: click the iTunes link below here),
  • new laws regarding the minimum number of pedals on a pedal board (5)
  • the Guitar Podcast is a one man show in Indiana
  • the “Boston” tone
  • you can get a decent blues amp for well under $1k
  • the Wanton Looks lead guitarist likes The Guitar Podcast!
  • Feedback issues.
  • Are there other girls listening?
  • D’Addario EXP string review feedback
  • tube amps rock!
  • follow-up on spraying a guitar
  • To quote Nike “Just Do It!”

Video series on capacitors. Trust your ear though…

Photos of the “Tom” pedal to come…

Episode 77 – Listener Questions & Feedback

This week we get a little explanation of how The Guitar Podcast handles advertisers and the review they undergo before becoming advertisers & listener feedback/questions. Enjoy! Listen to it! You know you wanna! Remember, trust your ear!

  • Do wall hangers or string swing hurt guitars?
  • The Ohio Guitar Show is June 10! Will I be there? I hope to but family obligations will probably get in the way.
  • Cool article about hot-rodding your guitar from May 2012 Guitar Player Mag
  • July 2012 VG Mag pg 16 “A Strat Is Born” http://www.fender.com/en-US/features/stratisborn/
  • Earl Scruggs – RIP
  • Doc Watson – RIP
  • Squiggly frets? True Temperament Necks.
  • ¬†Finishing your guitar with nitro – nitrocellulose lacquer?
  • Cool feedback on the show
  • Learning guitar today as opposed to 25 and 50 years ago