Episode 122 – Muscle Shoals, Upcoming Concerts and other stuff

swampersThis week I do a short show and review of the DVD/Blue Ray Muscle Shoals – about the small recording studio in Alabama where tons of all time classic tunes were recorded.

Also a short talk about upcoming concerts I hope to go to.  I close the show talking about mentors and old people.

Have a listen and enjoy!

Episode 36 – Gary Moore, Listener Feedback

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Gary Moore
April 4, 1952 – February 7 2011


Okay, so there IS a left handed piano!

Recommended Gear Page
This area is dedicated to guitar gear that I use and recommend. If I don’t use it or like it, I won’t promote it here. Simple as that. I will only post links to strings, pedals and other guitar related items that I actually like and use. Period.

All the items here link to Amazon. I get a small percentage of the sale of items that are sold using the links from these pages. It’s nothing big but it will help support The Guitar Podcast financially. It’s the little things you know…

With that, here is the list of cool guitar stuff I like and use!

Pedals & Pedalboard Accessories
Accessories – strings, picks, winders etc…

Episode 30: Guitars at Christmas

Episode 30: Guitars at Christmas

This week’s episode is a little different as I share a little bit about myself and my experiences at Christmas. I talk about playing Christmas songs for family and some anecdotal stories of Christmas past.

Here are some links to some sites with carols and chords.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!