Episode 132 – Tele Build Parts Guitar

So here’s the real episode about doing a Tele Build or a Strat Build for that matter. Telecasters and Stratocasters are great guitars to mix and match and customize. This show is all about building your own parts guitar, just the way you want.

Listen and enjoy!


Other shows I’ve done about parts guitars…

Episode 112 – Listener Feedback – Floating Bridge Buzz FollowUp – 58V – Multi-Effects – Tremolo Tune Issue

Yet another listener feedback question episode! Have a listen!

  • Floating Bridge with buzzing issue follow-up
  • Eric’s amps and Andy Summer’s 1958 Gibson Flying V!
  • Playing multi effects through monitors or amps…
  • Standard tremolo tuning issues
eric amp

Cool Amps!

eric playing andy summers v

Andy Summer’s 1958 Gibson Flying V!


Episode 104 – Yngwie Malmsteen

3747acff553fece8ac71301732d92f8cYngwie was on the cover of a recent Guitar Player magazine and it was a great article. So after reading it I felt I had to share my opinions on the man, the myth, the legend that is Yngwie J. Malmsteen. I hope you enjoy the show and my opinions on the his guitar playing. I’ve been a big fan of “Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4” and especially “Black Star” which you can see the video below.

Enjoy and listen for crying out loud!