Episode 157 – Tele Build, Vibrolux Speaker Swap, Guitar Shop Stories


I did a Franken-Tele build last summer so I’ll tell about that. 

1974 Fender Vibrolux Speaker Swap Video

I posted a video this week as I changed out the original CTS speakers in my 1974 Vibrolux with Celestions.

Guitar Shop Stories

By request, I tell a few short Guitar Shop Stories. If this is something you enjoy, I may keep bringing these up in future episodes.

Enjoy the show and listen to it by clicking this here link!

Episode 132 – Tele Build Parts Guitar

So here’s the real episode about doing a Tele Build or a Strat Build for that matter. Telecasters and Stratocasters are great guitars to mix and match and customize. This show is all about building your own parts guitar, just the way you want.

Listen and enjoy!


Other shows I’ve done about parts guitars…

Episode 86 – Life Lessons, Volume Knob Tone Clean-up, Skunk Stripe Correction

Thank you all for your kind words and patience with me as I’ve been dealing with the personal family tragedy of my father passing away. I think though that it’s time I got back to creating episodes. Much of this episode was recorded before he passed away.

  • Don’t stay around crazy people. Life’s too short for all that.
  • Use volume knob to clean up the tone
  • Correction on the information about “skunk stripes” on Fender necks
  • Have a listen!