Episode 104 – Yngwie Malmsteen

3747acff553fece8ac71301732d92f8cYngwie was on the cover of a recent Guitar Player magazine and it was a great article. So after reading it I felt I had to share my opinions on the man, the myth, the legend that is Yngwie J. Malmsteen. I hope you enjoy the show and my opinions on the his guitar playing. I’ve been a big fan of “Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4” and especially “Black Star” which you can see the video below.

Enjoy and listen for crying out loud!

Episode 57: Import Budget Guitar

I found this cheap import guitar at the used shop and am amazed at the level of quality and playability of the guitar. I’ve been looking for a shredder, metal, wild, pyrotechnic type guitar to play around with and pretend I’m Eddie or George. I’ll update you all next week with what I find out and decide on pickups.

Listen to the show!

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