Episode 135 – Ivory Issue, Lower Priced Amps, Taylor & Ebony

This week we talk about an article I read from Vintage Guitar Magazine by George Gruhn about Ivory & the CITES Treaty, Lower priced amps and cool stuff found in the annual Sweetwater catalog and Taylor’s efforts for sustainable Ebony.

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Episode 123 – Nickel Creek Concert Review & Listener Feedback

We had a great time at the Nickel Creek Concert and yep, I want to tell you about it! Also I have gotten some good listener feedback I want to share with you as well as cover some feedback for one of the emails – may help you on your next guitar project!

BTW, I found out why there was reverb on my recordings and it’s been removed. It wasn’t intentional, it was accidental. Hope this sounds better! Now to get a pop filter…

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Some other really cool stuff of note to check out!

Episode 120 – Tubes Revisited 6V6 and 5879

Tubes Revisited 6V6 and 5879

This week we revisit tubes, primarily the 6V6 power tube and 5879 preamp tube. I have loved my 1956 Gibson GA-40 amp and investigating my Getchel Chicago Deluxe amp helps me understand why I love them both! Enjoy the show!

  • Re-Axe products – Strings Out guitar holder and picks
  • Do you want to hear me go down the rabbit hole of pedal steel guitars